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France is the winner of The World Championships 2015, they were victorious over Poland in a best out of 5 match up.

It was a fierce final match to watch! Make sure if you've missed it, to see it again HERE!

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This Year:

PRIZEPOOL: $100,000 + $50,000

Finalist team: 8

  • About The Tournament

    The World Championships is a nation based global CS:GO tournament where nations from all over the world will play in 6 continental qualifiers for a place in the 8 team, $100,000 LAN finals.

    The qualifiers will be broadcast from our studios in Belgrade with the LAN finals taking place in a massive arena where you can come support your nation live at the venue.

    A unique tournament which pitches different nations of the world against each other to find out which country is the best at Counterstrike: Global Offensive.

    TWC 2016 will bring out emotions and feelings no other CS:GO tournament will, players will be playing for their country and nation, patriotism will run high as we bring World Cup fever to CS.

  • Captain registration

    You can be the captain of your nation! If you’ve taken part in previous TWCs or ESECs make sure to apply once more to lead your nation to victory. Team Coaches, Managers, Owners and Players are requested but National Esports Organisations and Federations will be given priority during the applications.

    We choose the team captains for each nation very carefully based on a number of criteria. We take the decision process very seriously and make sure we select the best candidates to represent their country during TWC 2016.

    Captains will be picked during February and March. However registration closes early March so make sure to apply as soon as possible.

  • Support your nation

    Show your support for The World Championships 2016 this year! #twc2k16 and tell us which nation you are rooting for, you can also purchase the national jerseys from #twc2k15 and #twc2k16 on Make sure to check this page for details about tournament schedules, qualifiers, nations, players and much more.

Our live stream

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If you have missed last years action, you can watch it on


First placed team of European Qualifiers

of The World Championships

Second placed team of European Qualifiers

of The World Championships

Third placed team of European Qualifiers

of The World Championships

Winner of Asian Qualifiers

of The World Championships

Winner of African Qualifiers

of The World Championships


Winner of North
American Qualifiers

of The World Championships

Winner of South
American Qualifiers

of The World Championships

South America

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